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sparkmongoose's Journal

20 February 1991
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Hello, you can call me Apophis. You and I will probably get along as long as you are the type that likes to talk problems out nicely instead of not telling me what I'm doing wrong and either ignoring me completely or being passive-aggressive about it. Seriously, I'm met a lot of people who don't like my mannerisms and decide to tell me about it in the most hypocritical, passive-aggressive way possible or simply write me off of their contacts without telling me anything.

Communication is really important, and I, too have made the mistake of not making myself clear and (unintentionally) coming off as passive-aggressive, which was certainly not my intention.

With that rant out of the way, nice to meet you, and please excuse my, um... quirkiness as well as my occasional knight templar-ish tenancies.